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Burning aromatic incense sticks. Incense for praying Buddha or Hindu gods to show respect.

Shamanism is natural to our human condition; it has always been a part of the human experience.

It's not a religion or spiritual doctrine, rather it is a way of connecting to the natural world and the energies that affect us.

All of us will find the drum and the rattle in our heritage

if we go back for enough.

Throughout history it has been natural to have people called, healers, medicine women or men, maestros, curanderas, or shamans looking out for the health of the community. 

These men and women work with the spirits and energies of the unseen worlds to help individuals to heal and help find balance in their lives.

All indigenous cultures believed that we are connected to nature and energies outside of our ordinary existence.

In my opinion not having shamanic practitioners caring for us and our communities, is part of what is profoundly wrong with our society today, and why this work is so important to bring about the shift we need to see in ourselves and our planet today.

It is the shamanic practitioners calling to work with non-ordinary reality to seek healing and balance for individuals, communities and our mother, earth.

We do this by helping our clients come back into balance by removing energies that are not beneficial and restoring power that is needed.

Shamanic Practices help us to come back into balance with our own power and knowingness of who we truly are so that we may walk in beauty (‘balance’).

If you are interested in studying or experiencing

Shamanic practices with me, please visit the HCH website to learn more. 

My Meetup schedule is here:

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