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Now that my children are mostly grown, I have come back to practicing what I call "Integrated Healing", bringing together a variety of healing modalities that best serve each individual to promote healing.

In 2016 I found my spiritual home at HCH Institute and became re-certified in hypnotherapy and soon after became a Reiki Master/teacher.

I now teach Shamanic practices, hypnotherapy, and Reiki at HCH. In my private practice in addition to Shamanic practices, Reiki and Hypnotherapy I utilize modalities such as, past life regression, EFT, bi-lateral stimulation, timeline therapy, Biofield tuning/sound therapy and storytelling.

Having an easy or comfortable life has never been my goal; growth and service are my path and there have been many turbulent and challenging times.

What has kept me grounded and able to continue on is my connection to spirit, the natural world, and my ability to ask for and receive guidance from the unseen world(s) and energies that are helping and supporting all of us at all times. 

The practices of Hypnotherapy and Shamanism, connection to spirit and the unseen worlds, journeying, being able to ask for and receive healing and guidance for myself and others, dreaming up, creating out, participating in the practice of ceremony and reciprocity in community are my life.

It is a joy and delight that I am able to share all that and more in my own practice and as an instructor at HCH.

My journey to practicing and teaching Shamanic practices and Hypnotherapy has been a rich and varied path.

I was raised in the redwoods on the Klamath River on the Yurok Reservation, in the northwestern most corner of California.

As a child, I participated in Native culture: even dancing in a sacred White Deer Skin Dance.

Being raised among Indigenous people the understanding that everything has medicine, a spirit, is alive, was intrinsic to the way I came to understand life.

My own heritage is of the Cherokee nation, but my grandfather’s, father was taken to a residential school and his heritage was erased as a child, and my native heritage was not something we claimed or lived as a family. 

In addition, my own grandfather had abandoned the family in the 50’s.

My family is healing that tragedy now by joining the Cherokee nation and learning its stories and traditions. 

I have always sought out medicine women: wise women from many cultures and backgrounds, to learn from. 

Some formally- and in many cases my teachers didn’t know they were teaching, and I didn't know I was learning but in retrospect it is clear. I have always been on a mission to heal and be healed, to experience spirit in all its forms. 


In the 80’s, I worked as a Doula at Highland Hospital and had a practice in Oakland as a Hypnotherapist and Bodyworker.

Hypnotherapy was my first experience with journeying and non-ordinary states,

I took to working in non-ordinary states, like a duck to water.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s I continued to work as a Hypnotherapist, to deepen my experiences of journeying and shamanic practices.

By the early 90’s I had two sons and by the end of that decade a third. In 2004 I adopted two daughters from Haiti and founded (and still run) Sionfonds for Haiti- a non-profit that builds and supports schools in Haiti.

We feed and educate kids, employ teachers and bring medical teams to Haiti. You can learn more about that at

Working in Haiti with an amazing Haitian teacher/partner, I learned how to dream things into being, how to create something out of nothing, how to let the creator work through me.

Adopting traumatized children taught me what true unconditional love is; all 5 of my children have been my greatest teachers. In 2006, I became a certified teacher for parents of traumatized children with the Forbes institute.

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