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Brainspotting is a neurobiological and energetic therapy that is highly effective in releasing
trauma and allowing access to deep and lasting transformation. It is beautiful in its simplicity
and trust in the body brain connection to find wholeness. Attunement between client and
practitioner is the framework in which we hold this work.
Using a visual point, as a doorway to access trauma held in the subcortex (the preverbal brain)
the client can access and transform stored trauma and release it. We get out of our thinking
brain that is trying to solve problems and into our feeling, knowing, sensing, brain where trauma
is stored. This is not talk therapy it is transformational therapy.
Brainspotting was developed by David Grand PhD.

He has written a book, 'Brainspotting; The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid & Effective Change'.

What is a Brain Spot?

It is thought that a brain spot is the activity in the subcortical brain in response to

a focused activation and eye position.

The pointer is holding open the brain spot allowing access to
trauma held incapsulated in the brain.

The brain is constantly scanning and adjusting cells and organs for our survival (homeostasis).

It is thought that BSP taps into the bodies’ scanning system, to access process and release those incapsulated areas of trauma stored in the subcortex.

Our bodies are hardwired to heal themselves, BSP allows us to open unresolved
traumas and release them from our body/mind system bypassing the brains need to

make a story out of everything.

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