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  Well  Resourced Child

Children and teens are faced with an ever changing landscape of challenges never before faced by any generation. Because of the destruction of our natural world the future often feels uncertain.  Electronics, social media and pervasive marketing toward children can leave them  feeling alone or inadequate. Children with learning differences or who do not fit in to prescribed roles often feel isolated. 


 It often feels like our society is bent on disempowering our young people to create consumers rather than empowering them as the beautiful light bringers they are meant to be. Why else would they be born at this time? They have a mission to lift the vibration of the planet by just being themselves.


The good news is we have the tools and techniques to empower our children. To help them deal with the anxiety, isolation and stress, too many of them are feeling even at a very young ages.


The Well Resourced Child is offered individually and in group settings. Using age and developmentally appropriate techniques to meet each child exactly where they are.

We will use a variety of healing techniques to resource our children to face the challenges of todays world.These are tools they learn and carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Some of the tools in the toolbox will be;

  • We will use Shamanic journeying to find their power animals, this is a companion, helper guide that has been used throughout the ages to assist and guide us.

  • We will learn to use the creative processes of art and writing to express themselves ( this also has proven to increase comfort and ability in creative writing assignments)

  • We will learn EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to find peace in challenging moments and to heal charged issues

  • We will utilize  meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises to find peace in a chaotic world

  • Sand play therapy


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